Companies affiliated with Canadian Timber Structures

Canadian Timber Structures is fortunate to be associated with two separate but complementary companies in BC’s sustainable energy sector: Aeolis Wind Power and Blue Fuel Energy.

Aeolis Wind — BC's preeminent wind developer

Aeolis has long-term leases for a dozen prime wind park sites in northeastern BC, on which they have an extensive network of data collection and monitoring towers. These are monitored in real-time and continuously analyzed with state-of-the-art software. Aeolis demonstrated its in-house technical and project expertise in leading development of BC's first wind project: the 102 MW Bear Mountain Wind Park near Dawson Creek. Bear Mountain began commercial production in November 2009—on time and on budget. Aeolis is developing two additional sites in the region with a total potential generating capacity of 1,900 MW. This will require more than 600 support towers. Aeolis is planning to use CTS towers when the technology is proven.

Blue Fuel Energy – “renewables to fuel”

Blue Fuel Energy will produce renewable, ultra-low-carbon fuels — Blue Fuel Methanol, Blue Fuel DME, and Blue Fuel Gasoline— using the abundance of renewable energy and concentrated carbon dioxide emissions that are available side-by-side in northeastern BC. Blue Fuel transportation fuels will be renewable because the production process can utilize waste carbon dioxide from any source — just as nature's plants do — and hydrogen generated with renewable electricity. While Blue Fuel production processes use proven technology, they do require a tremendous amount of energy. This is where Blue Fuel’s symbiotic relationship with Aeolis comes to the fore. Aeolis’s numerous wind farm sites in the region have the capacity to generate far more electricity than the BC grid can accommodate. Rather than let this clean, renewable energy go to waste, however, Aeolis, via BC Hydro, will provide large amounts of it to Blue Fuel to produce ultra-low-carbon transportation fuels that will help the BC Government meet its GHG reduction targets and low-carbon fuel standard. Adding CTS’s locally produced and manufactured engineered wood support structures to the Aeolis wind energy plants that will provide power for Blue Fuel, will further enhance the sustainability equation.