Northern Lights College

CTS training tower project

Northern Lights College offers a highly-successful, internationally recognized, certification program for Wind Turbine Maintenance Technicians. This program provides classroom instruction and hands-on experience in all aspects of the mechanical, electrical and millwork techniques required to service and maintain industrial, multi-megawatt wind energy plant equipment.

Safety, emergency procedures and comfort with heights are key elements of the program. To enhance this part of the training, Northern Lights College, together with CTS, is constructing a 30-metre training tower. This tower will be used to provide students with hands-on experience with access/egress techniques, emergency evacuation, high-angle rescues and other vital skills.

The training tower is expected to be in operation during the 2011/2012 school year and will feature the latest in safety, rappelling, fall-arrest and climb-assist technology. This project is being made possible with partial funding from the Northern Development Initiative Trust.